Scientific Programme


12th of May - Hands-On Pre-Congress Course

The course will take place at Floreasca Emergency Hospital. You will have the oportunity to co-work with the Special Guests directly on the pacients.

Availability: fully booked! Thank you for joining us! 

- ligatură varice esofagiene (esophageal varices ligation) 

- dilatare stenoze esofagiene și montare PEG (dilation of esophageal stenoses and PEG assembly) 


- ecografie abdominală și CEUS (abdominal echography and CEUS)

- ecoendoscopie cu FNA (echoendoscopy with FNA) 

To join one of these workshops, please send your choice by email at: and pay the registration Fee (150 RON) ONLINE HERE

Trainers - Conf. dr. Gabriel Constantinescu, dr. Ruxandra Oprita, dr. Dorina Pestroiu, dr. Madalina Ilie, dr. Vasile Sandru, dr. Camelia Chioncel, dr. Andreea Hortopan, dr. Cristian Nedelcu, dr. Alex Constantinescu, dr. Ecaterina Rinja, dr. Oana Plotogea. 

13-14th of May - Bucharest Live Endoscopy Congress 

The course will take place at Novotel City Center - Paris Room with Live Transmissions from Floreasca Emergency Hospital. Draft Agenda will be available soon.